with thanks for your praises

"This sistrum has an authentic appearance and rich volume of sound
... great for outdoor concerts and processionals.

Glen Velez, Master Percussionist and Composer;
Founding Father of Modern Frame Drum Movement

process sm

Permit me to express my delight in this unique and marvelous musical instrument! It is surprisingly lightweight and perfectly balanced in the silky rosewood base with beautiful Hathor face and tinkling cymbals.... my compliments to those who are crafting these elegantly designed and well-made instruments....

Besides the ancient history of this instrument, I hope this current production will inspire the use of the systrum with its infinite creative potential, to be used in music again today and for future generations.

Mimi Janislawski, PhD, San Francisco, CA 


Tahya is a master at her art and craft of Ancient Sacred Dance Practicies,
and is responsible for unearthing the Ancient Egyptian Systrum of the priestesses and devotees of Goddess Hathor.  
Thank you for an inspiring high caliber presentation, lovely lady!

Barbara Gail & Jeff Hanna , Professional Musicians & Purveyors, The Rhythm Inlet, FL


This is an incredible product.
Quality construction throughout.
I also love the weight and balance.
When I showed it to my wife, she immediately placed it on her altar...
Everyone who has seen it loves it.

- James Wasserman , author, editor & designer, NYC 

Tahya has re-introduced the Sistrum in our modern era
with the power, beauty and dignity of the ages past. 
I feel fortunate enough to have one and to play it...
words cannot express how light, how special and divine this feels and sounds to play!
Amma Iset! 

- Auset Gypsy / James Jacob Perri , Jersey City, NJ  

The systrum polarizes and filters people with its cleansing magic. Aloha and blessings to you!   

- Sky* / internationally-acclaimed DJ SKY Los Angeles, CA

* NOTE: Click on this link  
Hear the shimmering systrum on Sky's track "Will U Understand"

I use your systrum daily *and* was delighted to be able to incorporate it in my handfasting ceremony. Your systra deserve to be known far and wide.

Poem to Hathor:

Shh...she shimmers she sashays
through soft shade in rushes on river-shore
she shields her conscious shape
she shakes papyrus shivers
Living Sistrum to release 
herself in a rush of sound and light
that shafts into my cells and I shift my ears,
my shimmying feet 
catch her sheer breath in the fresh breeze.

Sophie Nusslé , Granada, Spain,
See also: Goddess Hathor,
a virtual temple for devotees of Hathor
to praise and discuss Her.


I LOVE my Tahya Ceremonial Systrum!!
I highly recommend this exquisite and masterfully crafted musical instrument
to anyone who loves hand drumming, frame drums, ethnomusicology and the ancient arts!

- Diana Fengler Shores , Santa Monica, CA


...this sistrum is fantastic! I can just imagine such a sound in the temple of Upper Egypt. Bless you ~

- George Sawa , Master of the Qanun


I am ecstatic! This is the most beautiful instrument I've ever seen!
That is, to say this sistrum is one of the most sacred and beautiful gifts I've ever received is an understatement.
I do not have enough words to describe the feeling of holding it...
The craftsmanship is exceptional, the quality is superb,
and the music it creates is positively heavenly, sacred indeed!
And I was so surprised at how light it is!
Thank you for gifting the world with such sacred beauty ~ Amma Iset!            
- Jade Scarlett , NYC                                            

The Hathor Systrum has been a wonderful instrument to add to our recording!
It adds a distinct voice that conjures images of ancient rituals and primal connections with the past.
I love how it fits into almost every track so easily!!
[Take a listen: Click here ]

- David Macejka, rhythmist, The Cu Dubh Tribe          


Tahya, the systra have arrived!!  I'm literally over the moon with them!
**They are even better in reality than in photos.**
The quality is excellent and the sound is amazing.
Thank you so much for taking the time to manifest these so that we can experience their wonderful sound.

Jacqui Taliesin El Masry , UK                                            


Juliet Austrailia

The Systrum arrived (see above)... and I am thrilled that she is so light!
Also I would like to add that I was very impressed with the beautiful
customised cardboard house you have created for her - this will be usefulfor transit in the future. ...
I have been following the video 
and slowly coming to feel an ease
and understanding 
of the nuanced technique/delicacy of touch required.  
Simple yet demanding - a dichotomy!  
Let me know when (more) video is ready. From a very happy sissssster.   

                                                                                                             - Juliet Le Page, Egyptian Elementals
                                                                                           Melbourne, Australia  


 Here's a snipet of the systrum only, recorded with two pencil mic's in an x/y pair ~ Thanks Greg Borries
[Take a listen:  Click here   ...and scroll down to 'Tahya Ceremonial Hathor Systrum']


I love my new systrum and play it each day to clear my personal space and energize myself.
I am so very grateful that you heeded the call of the Universe to bring back this ancient instrument
for us to use to reclaim our balance and personal power.

- Nancy Lovecchio, Monroe County, PA


My sistrum arrived yesterday (and) I was BLOWN AWAY by it!
Not only is it beautifully made - and beautiful to look at - but the sound is fabulous.
I can tell that it was designed with ritual purpose in mind; however, of course, someone could easily use it simply as a percussion instrument ~ the sound is powerful!
It is a real bargain and I will keep it as a cherished ritual tool for the rest of my life.

- Isidis St Claire, Beverly Hills, CA


" The Systrum is BEAUTIFUL. I'm a Reiki Master and intuitive channel. In addition to the shamanic healing tools I incorporate in my healing practice - turtle shaker, crystal bowl, hand drum . . . there is now the divine Systrum too
with a percussive CLAP energy sending out such a powerful healing wave. WOW, talk about breaking up any blocks!

... and then there's the shimmer: Sparkly energy flows out and dances around!"

- Brent Goodman, Wisconsin


I used the systrum at my May Day gathering ~ as part of a procession of women walking between me  (with systrum in hand) and another woman on tambourine as they passed through several stages of purification.  Lovely! I want you to know the loveliness of the systrum birthed by you (and the goddesses before) is being used to honor this fertile and rich time of year and all that it carries in meaning and practice.

- Kitty Holzmer,www.creative-wellness.net, Cape May Court House, NJ



I received my Ceremonial Systrum and think having it in my house may have kept Hurricane Gustav from it's original projected path. It truly was a miracle not just for my area but the whole state of Louisiana. The hurricane was predicted to hit as a category 3 but it was downgraded at the last minute to a category 2.

- Sydney Landry, New Iberia, LA

altar with systra  AmherstMA
Here is a pic of the altar with our beautiful systrum we ordered from you. The ceremony was wonderful and we joyfully played our systrum for Lady Auset and all the guests present. It is such a blessing and honor to have on my altar at the Initiation Ceremony at the conclusion of the Priestess Training Intensive Program.

Auset Nebet Seshen Ib , Amherst MA
Ordained & federally licensed Priestess of Isis
Member of Fellowship of Isis since 2000


It has always been my intent to present an instrument specifically designed to replicate the percussion instrument associated with ancient Egyptian ceremonial rituals for blessing and creating sacred space, igniting an energetic, I found, that remains omnipresent at the ancient temple sites even today!

May we create a similar sound wave igniting a positive force field of attraction, facilitating the manifestation of our dreams, bringing balance to our lives....
and may its re-emergence
a) empower hand-drumming enthusiasts who previously may have found themselves challenged to learn techniques associated with various hand drums & thus discover the joy of playing percussion ala this wonderful & historic instrument associated with rich millennia-old traditions
b) shed light on Egyptian (ancient and contemporary) culture and Goddess cults of Hathor & Isis, etc.,  and
c) re-inspire meaningful intentional ritual and creative authentic living in our daily lives...
- Tahya , designer