JOURNEY with HATHOR Meditations Audio download

ENJOY TODAY! Retreat from the stress of modern life & return to your core;
Be reminded of the Divine Golden, Wondrous, Beauty in You!

Three-part guided narration/meditation ~ 3-part only 15.12USD /10.50GBP / 13.85€
Part I only 5€/5.48USD

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JOURNEY with HATHOR:  Experience the virtues of Goddess Hathor.
Meditations written by Naomi Ozaniec; engineered by Steve Lichak; produced & narrated by Tahya

Retreat from the stress of modern life & return to your core;
be reminded of the Divine Golden, Wondrous, Beauty in You!

  • Enhance your Creativity
  • Immerse Yourself in Beauty
  • Celebrate

Part I:   Journey to the ancient temple and observe the symbolic purpose of creation 
Part II:   Meet the Goddess in nature and feel Her life-giving powers revitalize you
Part III:  Shaking your systrum, join the Beauteous Ones along the banks of the Nile on Festival Day

Rave Review:  "The narrative reminded me of a beautiful morning when the ancient Egyptian priestesses processed through the temple courtyard and on to the inner temple sanctuary playing the systrum to awaken the god.  This is a wonderful production; it's what we want to hear imbued with Spirit!  The balance between vocal & musical soundscape is incredible.  This is superbly done!" - Mimi Janislawski