Q:  How big is this Systrum and what is it made of?

A:  This robust instrument stands 16" high and is handcrafted from rosewood with nickel silver jingles.


Q:  I would like to display this as decorative item in my home, will it stand on its own?

A:  Yes, indeed, it is designed and balanced to be free-standing and will make a beautiful addition to any home/office/studio decor.


Q:  I notice over time the jingles tend to "scratch" the interior of the loop.  Is there a way to remedy that?

A:  You are going to love the answer to this question!  Simple remedy:  Rub with a walnut and watch the scratch disappear!


Q:  Is it easy to learn how to play?

A:  YES!  It's like putting a rattle in a baby's hand!  Within moments you will be having fun playing it!  For more instruction, we encourage you to view this video:  How to play the systrum


Q:  Can people with physical limitations learn to play this instrument 

A:  YES!  This beautifully crafted easy-to-play instrument empowers hand-drumming enthusiasts who may have found difficulty with various techniques or limited by arthritis or other challenge(s) to discover the joy of playing percussion.


Q:  My band is playing at an outdoor festival ~ would this be a good addition to our percussion section?

A:  YES!  This instrument has a rich volume of sound making it great for outdoor events!


Q:  Is this instrument durable?

A:  YES!  and when handled with love and care, it will last as long as needs be.  We predict it will become a treasured family heirloom!