Hathor chant


Tahya recites Hathor chant

Click here to view Tahya chanting invocation to Hathor
(chant phrasing from hieroglyphic carvings on the ancient temple walls at Dendura, Egypt)
utilizing the Ceremonial Systrum
August 12, 2012 MUSIKFEST progam

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Hathor sculpture from site near Saqqara. 1996
photo credit:  Karena Mahoney
Thank you Karena for sharing!



Sublime image of the Goddess ...
capital of a column representing the Goddess Hathor with cow's ears;

Her hair adorned with multi-petalled lotus blossoms;
dated to the III century BCE, now in the Louvre Museum.

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HYMN TO THE GODDESS HATHOR - from Her Sanctuary at Iunet/Dendera (Dendera I-80; cfr.S.Cauville):

Hathor, Lady of Iunet,
Your beautiful face is pleased by the King of Upper and Lower Egypt.
The South, the North, the West, and the East pay You homage,
and they make adorations to You.
You illuminate the Two Lands with the rays of Your Eye.
The Gods rejoice for You when You appear.
Thoth satisfies You with His glorifications and He raises His arms to
You, carrying the sistrum. 
Your Father Ra adores You,
His face rejoices in hearing Your Name.
The Goddesses come to You bowing Their heads....


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