Becoming Hathor

Interested in delving even deeper into understanding Hathor?   We suggest:


Becoming Hathor* offers you a rite of passage as an organic process towards taking on the mantle of Het-her. This re-identification of being and purpose is at the heart of the Khemetic mystical tradition.

The book is presented as a series of seminars with exercises for reflection and meditation. If you would like to be mentored through this process, please email for further details.

Becoming Hathor* is rooted in the complex and beautiful metaphysical tradition of Ancient Egypt; this inner wisdom and empowered gnosis speaks directly to women today.


"If you like the work, I hope that you will reach out and make a connection with me.  Until we meet through the wonders of cyberspace, I wish you the blessings of Het- Her."  - Author Naomi Ozaniec




1. An Introduction
2. The Law of Correspondences – As Above so Below
3. The Golden One
4. Sistra, Menat and Epiphany
5. The House of the Sistrum
6. Theurgy – Divine Words and Actions
7. Opening the Eye of the Heart 



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