Meet the Designer


Meet the Designer

The name 'Tahya' is a salutation; it means "greetings" or "welcome" and Tahya welcomes you to the magic carpet ride ancient arts provide.

Tahya holding Ceremonial Systrum

Recognized as the Lehigh Valley's leading Dance Orientale instructor and event producer, Tahya is an ACE-certified instructor specializing in Middle Eastern and Far Eastern dances.  She has performed throughout the U.S. and worldwide, including England, Scotland, Crete and Egypt.  Born in the U.S. of German and Irish descent, she was inspired to pursue the drumming and dance traditions of of North Africa and the Middle and Far East when the hypnotic rhythms and intoxicating melodies first swept her away on a magic carpet ride 30 years ago.  Infusing an inspiring and irrepressible joy not to mention a strong confidence in the benefits of the dance, her classes elevate each participant's unique expression of beauty and originality.

Tahya’s spirit of artistic responsibility is also reflected in her design of this instrument.

Tahya welcomes an invitation to bring HERstory to your community:
TAHYA reveals the mystery and mystical music-making of the Systrum™
which holds a deep history/herstory dating back thousands of years.
Enjoy a presentation of ancient Egyptian Queens and Musician Chantresses/Priestesses depicted playing sistra
as well as an interactive participatory component.

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Tahya is a creative, earthy dancer who moves from the heart as the music flows through her.  Audiences enjoy her authentic, joyful, expressive, dance echoing the circular patterns of ancient traditions, and utilizing a vocabulary of movement from middle and far-eastern dance traditions, Tahya gently encourages her class participants to engage the body, mind and spirit toward invigorating a vibrant sense of femininity and a deeper level of well-being.  Her artistry has led her to collaborations with internationally acclaimed artists/musicians/composers including David Amram, Paul Chou, Mimi Janislawski, Morocco, Glen Velez and Grant Smith.

In addition to teaching at various venues throughout the Lehigh Valley, she offers various programs internationally.  She has also produced a Dance DVD and recorded a 3-volumn CD collections, titled "TAHYA Meditations."  For more information, visit her website:  

Tahya is often asked what drew her to this style of dance.  She says,

The intricate melodies and unique (to my background) rhythms of Middle Eastern music so intrigued me that I began my own independent study in 1975 and have continued my study on an on-going basis with masters of the dance ever since.  It would be impossible for me to be 100% authentic; however, with over 30 years of dedicated study, I strive to preserve the cultural form recreating traditional dances and maintaining the dance spirit in new pieces of choreography.  Transmitting an enthusiasm while honoring the music and traditions of another culture, I endeavor to serve as a "bridge" promoting and generating a better understanding between Western and Middle Eastern cultures.

Tahya has directed the dance ensemble Bannat Tahya in performances for the Allentown Arts Festival, Mayfair and Bethlehem's Musikfest.  She has contributed choreography to Muhlenberg College and Colorado State University theatre productions and was featured in performance at a gala reception at the Loveland (CO) Museum gallery.  Tahya teaches studio classes and lectures on the art of Middle Eastern dance.


Click here to view sample of Tahya utilizing the Ceremonial Systrum
August 12, 2012 MUSIKFEST progam
with an invocation to Hathor
  (from hieroglyphic carvings on the temple walls at Dendura):

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